Manufacturer of
PLC & Industrial Controllers

Product Line
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (”Ladder Logic” MODBUS PLC)
  • Auto-tune PID Temperature Step Controller 
  • Digital Temperature Controllers with Built-in Timer (Multi-input Auto-tune PID,Alarm) 
  • Digital Temperature Controllers (Multi-input Auto-tune PID with Heat/Cool, Alarm)
  • Digital Humidity Controllers
  • Universal Controllers (10V, 1V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA selectable multi-input)
  • Preset Up/Down Counters (4/6 Digit, Calibration, batch & totalizer) 
  • Digital Timers (with START/RESET/GATE inputs) 
  • Temperature Controllers with Analogue SET 
  • Panelmeters (AC/DC Voltmeters/Ampermeters) 
  • Enclosures in 96x96, 72x72, 48x96, 48x48, 36x72, 35x77mm norms

AR2 Smart Relay / PLC Family

AR1 Smart Relay / PLC (Not Recommended For New Projects)

Auto-tune PID Temperature Step Controllers

Auto-tune PID Temperature Controllers with Built-in Timer

Auto-tune PID Temperature Controllers

ON/OFF Temperature Controllers

Universal Controllers


Multi-Function Timers

Basic Function Timers

Devices in 36x72mm Enclosure

Devices in 35x77mm Enclosure


Custom Products